Finance for Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery

Securing the manufacturing equipment financing you need can be crucial when you’re looking to increase production. CapInvest makes it easy by sourcing finance solutions that give you the flexibility to expand your operations.

Our finance brokers have in-depth knowledge of a range of industries and help businesses of all sizes find solutions that bring the greatest benefit to your company.

Whatever your industry, CapInvest has got you covered. We know manufacturing equipment finance inside and out. We handle the whole manufacturing finance process from application to approval and save our clients time compared to banks.

What are the best financing options for you?

There are several options available to finance manufacturing equipment – you can hire purchase manufacturing equipment, lease with a finance lease or operational lease, or refinance manufacturing equipment.

The best manufacturing equipment financing option for you will depend on many factors: your individual circumstances: company size, long-term goals, cash reserves, etc. CapInvest is your trusted partner who can help you with all of these – we have a team of creative manufacturing equipment financing experts that will advise you at each step of the process.

With a Hire Purchase you can acquire an asset while paying for it in instalments over an agreed term period. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the asset outright. This model is tax efficient as you are the owner of the asset for tax purposes and can normally claim capital allowances.

The Finance Lease option lets you use the manufacturing equipment you need without having to buy it outright. The rental period is flexible and can be extended as you use the money to buy other assets that may not be accessible through hire purchase or leasing agreements.

Similar to a Finance Lease, an Operating Lease offers a way to rent the asset while you need it. This comes with the benefit of reduced rental fees as the cost is based on the difference between the asset’s original purchase price and its residual value at the end of the agreement.

Refinancing (Capital Release) offers a quick way to access the cash from existing assets in your portfolio and use that value elsewhere within your business. You can redirect it towards a deposit on new equipment or ease cash flow.

What manufacturing equipment you can finance with CapInvest?

At CapInvest, we have experience in financing and leasing various types of equipment within the manufacturing industry including:

  • Machine Tools

  • Fabrication Equipment

  • Packaging & Food Processing Equipment

  • Plastic Manufacturing Equipment
  • Printing Equipment

  • Woodworking Equipment

  • General Equipment including Commercial Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Retail Petroleum

  • And more…

Our custom financing solutions are tailored specifically to fit any and all businesses. CapInvest has a national presence and our reputation and stability make us the top choice for manufacturing equipment financing.

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