Plastics Equipment Finance

If you are in the plastics industry, you know the importance of plastics equipment. Unfortunately, plastics equipment at the industrial level is often quite expensive.

CapInvest specialises in plastics equipment financing so that you can afford the plastics equipment that you need for your company. Whether it’s a plastics machine for a new process, a single piece of used equipment or a complete production line, we can finance it. We offer easy application, great rates, and a fast approval process, beating banks and traditional lenders.

Buying plastics equipment for business can be expensive. At CapInvest we focus on easing some of the pain of getting new equipment with our wide variety of financing options to make the financing of plastics equipment straight-forward and affordable.

How We Can Help You

We provide plastic equipment financing via:

  • Hire Purchase loans

  • Refinance/Capital Lease
  • Finance Lease

  • Operating Lease

All our financial solutions can be further customised to meet your specific cash flow. We assist you throughout the entire process and consult you on the best path forward for your particular requirements.

You can purchase new plastics equipment and acquire financing via instalment loans to meet your specific cash flow. We also lease plastics equipment and arrange for the sale leaseback if you have already purchased the equipment but a lease is better suited to your individual circumstance.

CapInvest also provides refinancing services for any existing plastics equipment that you have. We work to help you with any and all aspects of the plastics equipment financing process.

What are the Benefits of Working with Us

We use our extensive experience to provide innovative solutions for your plastics equipment financing needs. We always provide low, fixed rates so that you can rely on us to offer the best deal for your plastics equipment.

The wide range of financing options we offer goes beyond what traditional financing institutions offer because they do not understand the industry. Our team has the specialization and industry knowledge to help you finance your plastics equipment with a finance or lease plan tailored specifically to your business needs.

Our plastics equipment finance experts are ready to help! Get in touch with the team today.

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