Renewable Energy Finance

As renewable energy investments continue to see steady growth over the last decade, there is a pressing need for a more rapid scaling-up to meet climate and sustainable development goals.

Renewable energy projects face many challenges when going down the financing route of traditional institutions and banks, which can hinder the development and uptake of renewable energy. The lack of bankable projects makes it difficult for investors to identify attractive projects, and therefore reduces available capital for those that are ready to be financed.

CapInvest’s Renewable Energy Finance Team is dedicated to bring the best possible financial structure to the table for a wide variety of renewable energy projects. We capitalise on industry specific expertise and strategic alliance to offer a wide array of funding sources for your needs.

We create a pipeline of finance for renewable energy projects by bridging the funding gap and assisting project developers access appropriate financing opportunities.

What types of renewable energy finance are available?

With CapInvest you benefit from financial solutions tailored to the needs of companies investing in renewable energy, and especially in wind, solar and storage. We are adept at finding solutions for your most complex financial and strategic challenges.

We specialise in the provision of energy asset finance for PV solar, biomass boilers, wind turbines, and heat pumps. Part of our value proposition is to explore numerous financing options and see how they compare to each other. By assessing and identifying the best suited financing for your renewable energy projects, CapInvest creates new opportunities for businesses in the energy sector.

You can choose from a number of renewable energy financing options according to a variety of attributes such as balance sheet treatment, contract complexity, and typical close time and finance:

  • Biomass boilers

  • LED lighting

  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels
  • Wind turbines

  • And more…

As an experienced and proven lender in offering high quality funding solutions, we are the preferred choice of clients looking for affordable renewable energy financing. We are ready with funds for your renewable energy projects if you are looking to increase their presence in this buoyant sector.

Why choose CapInvest for your renewable energy project?

The core strengths of our company lie in having a profound understanding of the global renewable energy sector and the ability to identify trends ahead of the curve. With their unrivaled experience, we know how to find the finances you need to grow your investments in a hands-on manner.

This approach has helped us create and realize highly attractive long-term value for our clients and their renewable energy operations.

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