Experts in Helping You Finance Supercars, Luxury
and Classic Cars

Whether you are a business or a private customer, we want to help you drive the car of your dreams. Here at CapInvest, we take an individual approach to Supercar, Luxury and Classic Car finance. With experience and market-knowledge that is second to none will be able to answer all the questions you may have, every step of the way.
Let us take the hard work out of financing your prestige assets. To discuss our finance solutions in more detail, please get in touch.

Why finance with us?

Bespoke Supercar Finance
We offer flexible and competitive finance. Each finance deal is designed to suit you, your financial needs and put you in control

We know the market inside out and have the expertise to put together realistic financing offers.

Quick Decisions
Most of our customers get the go-ahead on their supercar finance package within 48 hours so we can make your dream of owning a high-performance car reality sooner than you might think

Competitive Rates
We assess every finance application individually which allows us to deliver fast results and low monthly repayments on your ideal car

What is the best method of financing?

In truth, there are many answers as to what the best way is to finance Prestige assets, such as a Supercar, Luxury or Classic Car – or any other commercial asset.

The most important aspect of financing is to accurately understand your circumstances and what you want to achieve from your purchase and investment.

  • What will the car or asset be used for?

  • Who will be using the vehicle or asset?

  • When will it be used?

  • How long do you intend to keep the vehicle?

  • How can we structure payments to complement your circumstances?

  • Would making scheduled lump sum payments help to coincide with bonuses that are due?

We proud to be different and do not work with lenders who adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to finance, allowing us to source the best option for you with the most appropriate lender.

Finance for Supercars

Driving a Supercar is an experience like no other. Whether on road or track, they get the heart racing and blood pumping – and give an immense feeling of enjoyment. It’s a real perk of the job for us to be able to provide finance for Supercar and Hypercars that help our customers enjoy their dream cars; from a Bugatti to a Porsche 918, or even a Maserati.

We will talk through your needs and provide options and advice that will be beneficial to your purchase. Supercar ownership could be far more affordable than you might think.

Prestige and Luxury Cars

Some people love the Bentley, some prefer a Rolls Royce or a Morgan. Whatever your preferred choice of Prestige or Luxury vehicle, our team of specialists can offer professional advice on a wide range of flexible finance options, and ultimately finding the best option suited to you.

We can then match your requirements to a lender who can provide a competitive and the most beneficial finance deal for you.

Modern Classics and Classic Cars

There are some many beautiful cars from bygone eras. From a Sierra Cosworth, a Renault 5 Turbo, or classics such as the Ferrari Dino or Aston Martin DB5. Often Modern and Classic Cars are purchased as an investment or simply to be enjoyed at the weekend.

Whatever your reason and whether your chosen vehicle is being purchased through a dealer, at auction or privately, we can create a competitive, bespoke specialist car finance package to help you realise your ideal classic car investment. We assess each loan and project individually. We firmly believe that how you buy your vehicle is as important as what you buy.

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