Refinance & Capital Release

Use your existing assets on your balance sheet to release equity and raise additional capital. Refinancing (Capital Release) is a quick way to do so, enabling you to use that value in other areas of the business whether that simply be to improve cash flow or fund a new project.

Refinance agreements are often referred to as a Sale & Hire Purchase back or Sale & Leaseback, and usually can be used against most types of equipment making it suitable for companies of all sizes, including sole traders. We purchase the asset from or your business and we finance it back to you, with the repayment amounts and schedule calculated alongside the end of term income that is generated by the asset. At the end of the agreed term, you again own the asset.

Whether you already own the asset or are using it under a finance deal with another provider, this option applies.

The advantages and benefits of Refinance & Capital Release

  • You have uninterrupted access and use of the asset, making refinancing an efficient way of raising additional capital.

  • Have an existing finance agreement with another provider? No problem, we can take over the agreement and potentially spread the cost further.
  • Released capital can help you make faster decisions when negotiating business contracts.
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